Faces of YU: Elizabeth

Get to know Elizabeth Bosscher from Holland, MI

  1. What is your role at Youth Unlimited?

I am the Canadian SERVE Coordinator, which means I handle all the administrative details for our Canadian SERVE Sites. I am also the resident technology help and troubleshoot any technology issues we may have.


  1. Where are you from, and what brought you to Youth Unlimited?

I grew up in Mankato, Minnesota and just moved to Michigan this last August so my Husband could attend school in the area. I searched for a job for a few months after we moved here before I happened to meet one of Youth Unlimited’s board members who told me about the open position. I had an interview the next week and ended up feeling like this was the job God had been telling me to wait for.


  1. When you were a student, what was the most faith-formational experience you had?

I think the most faith formational part of being a student wasn’t one experience for me but instead it was a youth pastor who saw potential in me and was constantly encouraging me to get past my comfort zone and learn to take my faith on as my own. He showed me what it looks like to live passionately for Christ in everything you do, not just at church on Sunday.


  1. What were you most excited about for SERVE 2017?

I was so excited to visit SERVE Sites and see what this is all about. I knew SERVE in theory before this summer, but since I had never been on a SERVE trip I was excited to see it in action.


  1. If you were a student now, what would be your favorite thing about SERVE?

My favorite thing about SERVE would be that I would get to experience the community and friendships that come when you spend all week focused on serving Christ together. There is something about hard work for a good purpose that bonds people together and often results in a lot of fun and joy that you don’t always find in everyday life. It’s amazing what can happen when you put aside your selfish tendencies and focus on tangibly showing Christ to others.


  1. What’s your favorite youth group game to play?

I used to love “Bigger or Better”. We would start with a penny and go around town with our small groups and knock on people’s doors asking if they had anything bigger or better than the thing we currently had that they would be willing to trade with us. This game is how our youth group acquired most of our youth room couches.


  1. When you were a student, who was your greatest mentor and why?

Apart from the youth pastor I mentioned earlier, one of my greatest mentors was my cousin. She moved into my hometown for college when I was 10 and she became one of my best friends. She is so intentional about asking me how I’m really doing and she helps me process life. I have had the privilege of getting to watch her go through college, get her first real job, get married and have kids. I have learned a lot from watching her go through those milestones and she has passed her wisdom on to me when I have faced some of the same milestones.


  1. What’s your favorite late night snack?

Depending on the mood I am in I will either go for some chips and salsa or something chocolate.


  1. What type of service project do you love so much that you could do every day?

I have always been a fan of painting. I loved how such a simple act could make a house or a room or really anything feeling refreshed and taken care of.

  1. What is your favorite vacation spot?

I love exploring new cities and places! So, I guess that means my favorite is the place I have never been before.


This is an excerpt from the Fall 2017 Magazine. To read more stories click here: https://www.thereforego.com/magazine/