ThereforeGo Announces SERVE@Home For 2021

ThereforeGo will now offer churches and youth ministry teams the opportunity to do missions at home with the SERVE@Home program. The ministry created the program due to travel restrictions and considerations, limiting youth mission trips, due to the pandemic. The Serve@Home kit includes guides to help Christian leaders in their mission programs. It includes access to online resources such as recordings and playlists.

ThereforeGo hopes that this will help equip local churches and student ministry teams. The plan is to bring about spiritual momentum in local communities. The SERVE@Home program will build local partnerships and nurture long-term relationships. The ministry also hopes that the program will enhance personal relationships. The program will foster better communication, regardless of generation.

Organizations may purchase the program through the website. The kit will also serve ministries based in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Each kit will have enough supplies for two adults and ten students.

“The impact that a 16-year old like me [can have] can lead to change,” said one student. “When talking to people, I like to hear their stories, and when they share I feel like it builds a better community.”

Many of the participants in SERVE share testimonies of their closer connection to God and within the local community. It equips many of the youth today with the capability to reach out to others in need of the gospel.

The 2021 edition will feature a different theme and logos from the previous year. Each kit has t-shirts, string backpacks, a hosting manual, and spiritual life guides. It will also give access to an online resource where speakers will walk the group through each session.

SERVE@Home kits will begin shipping in April for those who pre-ordered. Orders that come after April 1st will ship within two weeks.

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