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SERVE is a unique blend of community outreach and discipleship with spiritual transformation as the goal at every level. We believe this week-long experience can become a significant part of the life of all who participate, including the host churches, participants and those in the communities where we visit. 

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ThereforeGo Ministries seeks to assist churches with their ministry to youth and emerging adults through training, coaching and peer learning

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You can play an important role in reaching this generation of youth and emerging adults with the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.

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Help Youth and Emerging Adults Become Lifelong Followers of Jesus

Hearing and responding to God’s call on our lives doesn’t end at graduation, it’s a lifelong process. ThereforeGo is here to provide resources and advice for parents and church leaders to have rich and impactful conversations about calling, purpose and direction with youth and emerging adults.

ThereforeGo Ministries

Helping churches challenge youth and emerging adults to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and transform this world for Him.

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Lives Changed

“Through just this past week, I have found what it really means to be free—to be so free in Jesus Christ that I feel like I have to tell the world. SERVE changed my life and got me back on track. Praise God!”

, Student

Finding Purpose

“How wonderful would it be if all teenagers at some point during their high school years could travel on a SERVE mission trip and get a clearer understanding of God’s purpose for their life sooner, rather than later?””

, SERVE Leader
SERVE Leader

Building Community

“This week has made me want to continue getting close to God and keep pushing myself to serve him and his people. All the worksites taught me that it isn’t just me helping people, they are also helping me.”

, Student


The fact is – your mission trip begins when you decide it does. If you are called to do good in the world, your fundraising should also at its core be centered in service.

Raising funds for a youth mission trip can be challenging, yet, keeping service in mind, there are many ways to meet your financial goals. You can..

  1. Auction off items donated by church community families and/or local businesses.
  2. Offer to host a Spaghetti Dinner night at your church – everyone likes homemade meal!
  3. A service board would allow church members to post jobs they need done with the price they’re willing to pay. Youth group members can then select and complete the jobs, with the proceeds going to your fundraiser.

Get a free copy of the Complete Guide to Planning a Youth Mission Trip for a comprehensive approach to planning a great mission trip.

If you’re interested in giving, you can find ways to support missions trips nationwide here.

Each trip, either long or short-term mission trip is unique.

You will need to read through what mission trips are available, and what they aim to do to improve the communities in which they witness.

Find out the specifics on our list of mission trips here and see what calls out to you.

ThereforeGo (formerly “YouthUnlimited”) provides opportunities for youth group mission trips in the USA and Canada.

This means we provide both domestic and international youth mission trips.

Specific destinations (we call them “SERVE sites“) include everything from larger cities to smaller towns in rural areas.

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