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ThereforeGo Ministries seeks to assist churches with their ministry to youth and emerging adults through training, coaching and peer learning.


April 29th- “Beyond Pandemic Youth Ministry: Innovating Our Way Forward in a World that’s Changed” with Steven Argue, PhD

May 11th- “Working With Students In An Anxious Age” with Dr. Irene Kraegel, licensed clinical psychologist

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Mentoring Networks 

We know that for the church to thrive, faith communities must be built upon strong intergenerational connections. While many emerging adults are looking to be part of mentoring relationships with older individuals, many congregations struggle to develop these connections.  A mentoring network provides churches a place to discern and strategize with the goal of equipping their congregations to build a vibrant intergenerational faith community.

Now What?

Considering Calling, Purpose and Direction

The process of figuring out what you want to do can be confusing. High school and college students face questions about work, education and the future but as we grow older, many of us realize that hearing and responding to God’s call on our lives is a life-long process that doesn’t end at graduation. ThereforeGo has created an online resource for parents and youth leaders as they walk through these questions with youth and emerging adults in their lives.

Coming Soon!

  • Compass 21 – youth ministry evaluation tool
  • A new assessment tool to help your church build ministry opportunities with emerging adults

If you would like to know more about these upcoming resources, please contact us!

“It’s important for us, as mentors of teens and young adults, to celebrate who they are and to name out realities that they might not see in themselves.”

Pastor Willemina Zwart

Engaging Youth

“We began this mentoring cohort looking for ways we could engage our youth more effectively.  We were given some helpful steps and have began some conversations in the church about mentoring our youth and building a stronger community for everyone.”

Emmanual Reformed Church, Ontario
Emmanual Reformed Church

Renewed Hope

“I found hope in the “next” generation of young people in our church and community! They were amazing examples of Jesus Christ. This {experience} brought back my confidence in our kid’s salvation.”

, Leader

Refilled & Refreshed

“My participation in the SERVE experience served as a great reminder as to why I got into ministry in the first place. I’m passionate about teaching, serving and building relationships with students. I was able to encounter all 3 without the stresses of the office or head leadership role. I feel refilled, renewed, and refreshed.”

, Leader