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Life-changing Middle School Mission Trips for Youth Groups

When your middle school students go on a SERVE mission trip, all the details are taken care of so that your child can have a transformative and heart-changing experience lasts a lifetime.

ThereforeGo Ministries has been a leader in middle school service trips across Canada and the USA for more than 30 years. SERVE provides middle school students with faith-based, all-inclusive, week-long mission trips that equip students to care for and restore their world, all while having conversations about social justice and missional living. Each middle school mission trip experience is planned with individual and group benefits in mind. SERVE is hands-on and people-oriented, making these youth group mission and service trips have a very personal and long-term impact.

SERVE is more than just a week-long summer mission trip for middle school students.
It’s about a transformation that lasts a lifetime!

Want to send your middle schoolers on a life-changing experience without the trouble of planning it yourself?

It’s time to Go SERVE! for more than 100 years, ThereforeGo Ministries has been equipping churches with hands-on and people-oriented experiences, helping encourage youth and emerging adults to transform this world through committing their lives to Jesus Christ. For the past 30 years, our current leading program, SERVE, has provided life-changing experiences for middle school students throughout Canada and the USA.  SERVE students aim to spread the Gospel through missional living and challenging issues of justice.  Each SERVE experience is planned with individual and group benefits in mind.

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High School Mission Trips

High School Mission Trips

High School SERVE mission trips are week-long (7 day) mission experiences open to students who have completed grade 8 through graduating seniors. The community-focused environment of SERVE encourages students’ passion for their own congregation and community, so the impact of SERVE continues long after the high school students return home.

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Middle School Mission Trips

Middle School Mission Trips

Middle school sites are not available for SERVE 2024.  If you’re interested in hosting a future middle school SERVE site, please contact us!

Middle School SERVE mission trips are shorter mission experiences open to students who have completed grade 6 through students who have completed grade 8.

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Custom SERVE

Custom SERVE

Looking for a special trip during fall, winter, or spring break for just your students? A custom SERVE site can be designed to build unity, provide discipleship, and create shared service opportunities for a sending church youth group. Custom SERVE sites allow adult leaders to oversee their own students for small group interaction and worksite assignments. Contact ThereforeGo Ministries and let us partner with you to create a custom SERVE experience!

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“How wonderful would it be if all teenagers at some point during their high school years could travel on a SERVE mission trip and get a clearer understanding of God’s purpose for their life sooner, rather than later?”

Youth Leader of a SERVE Mission Trip

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Youth Group Mission Trips

Mission trips and other faith-forming experiences are proven to be the #1 way to keep teens active in the church and growing in their faith. SERVE youth mission trips for teens are all-inclusive, 5-7 day service trips for Middle School or High School students. The students go into communities in the USA and Canada to care for and restore their world in an environment where they’ll encounter the concepts of justice and missional living. More than just a week-long short-term mission trip over the summer, SERVE is a faith-forming experience where the communities, congregations, and students who are involved all experience lasting transformation.

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Impact of Hosting a Teen Mission Trip

We are passionate about partnering with local congregations who have a heart for missions and students. Together, ThereforeGo and local churches work to share the love of Jesus Christ with those in our own backyards. SERVE is more than just a week-long missions trip for teens; these young adults will walk away with an experience that will have a long-term impact on your local community and the people that live, work, and worship in them. We believe this is a great combination that can have a tremendous Kingdom impact!

About Hosting SERVE

“SERVE started a momentum in our congregation that is like a mini revival. I’ll have to determine how to make the most of it throughout the rest of the year.”

Pastor of a SERVE Host Church

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