Hello Adult Leader!

We are thankful that you have agreed to be a part of this summer’s SERVE experience. Below you will find some information on how to complete your background check requirement. If you have any questions please call the ThereforeGo office at (616) 241-5616 X 3038 or email serve@thereforego.com

Official Background Check Policy:

All sending church adult leaders/Host Team members/volunteers (21 years and older) who will be on-site and have direct contact with SERVE participants are required to complete and submit a current background check to the ThereforeGo office. To be considered current for the SERVE 2024 season, the check must be completed after June 15, 2021.  If you have previously submitted a background check that would still be considered current, you do not need to submit another background check.  Please reach out to the TGM office if you need to confirm whether your background check is current or not.

Some important things to note…

  1. Your first step in acquiring a background check should be to connect with your church. If you have been a volunteer during the year your youth pastor or main youth leader may already have a background check on file for you. If this is the case, you or your youth pastor can simply send us a copy. If your church does not have a current background check on file, they may have a subscription to a background check service and can acquire one for you at little or no cost.
  2. If you need to run your own new background check, your local police department will most likely be the easiest place for you as an individual to get one. Please check your state/province-specific link below for more information on where to go and what is required.
  3. You can submit a copy of your background check through email (serve@thereforego.com) or mail (4695 44th St SE, Suite 130, Kentwood, MI 49512).
  4. Background checks are due to the ThereforeGo office by May 15, 2024.

Canada Background Check Information

Canada National Check Ontario OPP Check  (a Criminal Record Check is sufficient)