Customizing Brings a Crowd

Detroit may be known as the City of Trees or even Hockeytown (did I just hear all of Canada collectively clear their throat?) but it’s the roots of Motown that had over one million people lined up for the Woodward Dream Cruise. Thousands of custom cars lined Woodward Avenue as onlookers admired hotrods, antiques and some bizarre automobiles. The owners of the vehicles each had a varying degree of time, money and interest and you could tell a lot about them by how they customized their car.


Have you considered customizing a mission trip? For example, maybe you feel your students need one of the following:

  • A cultural experience – consider heading to an Aboriginal community in Saskatchewan or the Winnebago Tribe in Iowa.
  • To see a suburban Church reaching into an urban area – consider Crown Point, IN.
  • To get away from it all and get a glimpse at rural poverty and a Church responding – consider Minnesota West or Platte, SD.


With a Custom Serve experience, the Host Church requests an optimal number of servers, typically between 40 and 60. You, then, can fill the site with your own group (even making it a multi-generational experience) or call a couple friends you know in youth ministry and fill the site with just 2-3 churches.


Youth Unlimited strongly recommends using the Host Church Speaker but that is an option for customizing your Serve experience. Other ways to customize include:

  • Picking the dates of your trip (the Host Church will supply two options).
  • Picking who leads worship.
  • Picking your “day away”.


The cost of Custom Serve ranges from the typical $340.00 down to $310.00, but filling the site is required because the Host Church as a certain amount of community outreach they are planning to get done.


For more information, visit our website or call 616.241.5616 ext. 3040.