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Youth In Church

Engaging Youth

How do we engage young people meaningfully so they will grow and develop spiritually? And what congregational practices lead to spiritual maturity in our young people? In my experience, we are not alone in wrestling with questions like these. The fact is, ministering to young people is...
London 2016- Name of Love

The Name Of Love

He sat there alone. People walked by. Perhaps they did not notice him. Perhaps they did not want to notice him. Grey, weathered clothing blended into the grey, weathered sidewalk. An empty hat opened expectantly to offerings from passers-by. A cardboard sign - "Any help will do."
Giving Tuesday

5 to Thrive

At SERVE $5 buys a student a week full of personal devotions and a learning experience that can develop into a lifelong habit of studying God’s word. This Giving Tuesday please consider helping instill the habit of daily time with God.

Faces of YU: Ron

I am from Alberta, Canada. For the last ten years, I had served as the Youth Ministry Consultant for the Christian Reformed church, Classis Alberta North. Following many conversations with Jeff at Youth Unlimited, we could see how a Canadian Director could be a blessing for Youth...