Does SERVEant have a first name?

When we brought the SERVEant back we talked a lot in the office about if we should give it a name or not. We thought that some people might ask so we should come up with a plan. We decided that we would take all of our 2017 student registrations and find the most common name of the year and that is what we would pick for our ant.

However, before we tell you what that name is we have something else to say. The spirit of the SERVEant is that there cannot be just one. Ants live in community and so do we. That being said we are only naming our office SERVEant. What you call yours is totally up to you. Below you will see a link to a printable SERVEant. We would love to see how you are serving at home throughout the year! Go ahead and print one off, give it a name of your own, and share pictures on social media with #SERVEant. Let’s see our ant community at work!

Are you ready for the big reveal?


Now that SERVE 2018 is on the horizon we cannot wait to see what Emily will accomplish next. Download and name your own SERVEant HERE!