The Many Benefits of a Service Trip for Your Church Youth Group (Infographic)

If you have ever been on a SERVE trip (or really any kind of service trip), you can testify that it is a life changing experience. But, have you ever tried to explain that to someone who hasn’t ever experienced a mission trip themselves? It’s hard. You want to tell them all about the feelings you felt and the gratitude you received and all the lessons you learned; however, sometimes it’s too difficult to put those things into words.

So, what do you do when you want to take your youth group on a service trip and you need to convince some of those critical people in your church why it is important? Maybe we can help! Whether you are planning a SERVE mission trip, a trip through another organization, or organizing it yourself, below is an infographic with some facts and words to help you explain how a service trip can impact your youth and church as well as the community you are going to serve.

Benefits of a Youth Group Service Trip (Infographic)

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