How to Play Life Size Pac-Man Game (Easy Guide)

Are you trying to find group games to play at your SERVE youth mission trip site or even just with your Youth Group?

I worked at a camp for a few summers, and one of the games we played was life size Pac-Man (also known as “Human Pac-Man”). This quickly turned into one of my favorite games and is not too hard to pull off!

Here are instructions on how to make life size Pac-Man happen at your event.


  • Tape
  • Pool noodles
  • 2 Baskets or containers of some sort
  • A sheet or some kind of costume for a “Ghost”
  • A big room or outdoor space


  1. Make a maze on the floor with the tape. Make sure the lanes are wide enough for someone to walk through comfortably. Pick two spots somewhere on the edges to be entrance/exits. Put a basket or container at each exit.
  2. Cut the pool noodles into little slices to act as the pieces the player will pick up along the way. You could also use coins or some other round object but we found pool noodle pieces were a good size.
  3. Choose two Ghosts (we found it best if a leader took on this role) and dress them up. We just used white sheets and wrapped them around ourselves.

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  • There is 1 Pac-Man and 2 Ghosts in the maze at a time.
  • Pac-Men can go any direction and turn whenever they want as long as they stay within the lines of the maze.
  • Ghosts can only move forward, unless they reach a dead end (then, they can turn around).
  • Ghosts have to move at a consistent speed. It’s also more fun if they make beeping noises as they move.
  • A Pac-Man can deposit the pieces they have collected into their “bank” if they make it to one of the 2 exits. They can than re-enter the game to continue collecting pieces.
  • If a Ghost catches a Pac-Man, they lose a life and have to sacrifice all the pieces they are holding.
  • How to Win / When the Game Ends
    • The Ghosts win if the Pac-Man loses all their lives (you can choose how many lives they will have to vary the difficulty).
    • If a Pac-Man collects all the pieces before they lose their lives, they win.
  • Keeping Score:
    • If you want to play more than one game of life-size Pac-Man (ex. a tournament) or want to figure out who came in 2nd and 3rd place, you can count up the pieces each Pac-Man collected at the end of each game and use that as the score for that individual.

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