Youth Worker Survey- Top 3 Report

A few months ago we distributed a survey aimed at youth workers of all kinds hoping to get a feel for some of the current trends in Youth Ministry. We will be using this data to share some recommendations periodically. Today we thought we would start by just telling you about the most popular responses to a few of the questions.

Top 3 Recommended Books

“Sticky Faith” by Chap Clark and Kara E. Powell

“Growing Young” by Brad Griffin, Jake Mulder, and Kara E. Powell

Top 3 Podcast Recommendations

Top 3 Websites for Youth Ministry Resources

Top 3 People to follow on Social Media

If you would like to view the survey or fill it out yourself CLICK HERE!

Disclaimer: The content in the above books, podcasts, websites and from the noted public figures do not necessarily reflect the views and theology of Youth Unlimited. To view our statement of faith and values please CLICK HERE.